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What's New

January 2024

  • UI Copy Style for all user-facing text in an interface, such as buttons, titles, error messages, and notifications.

November 2023

  • New Authoring Flows page on contexts and workflows for manipulating in-game objects and assets
  • New Inspector Spacing content explaining UITK tokens used for padding and margins
  • New segmented Tabs control is now available for UITK

September 2023

  • New Content Organization page on grouping content without creating visual clutter
  • New Tabs page on organizing content across segmented panels using tabs
  • Related guidance on Window Tabs / Tab Wells guidance has moved to the Windows page

March 2023

In preparation for 2022.3 release being upgraded to LTS, we have added new controls and guidance covered by this release.

February 2023

January 2023

December 2022

  • UX Essentials are a new way of discovering the most helpful guidelines!
    View the top guidelines to help ensure your functionality matches the look, feel and behavior of the Editor.
  • Added Empty state guidance (pattern), together with content best practices.
  • Added Errors and messaging guidance (pattern), to help communicate conditions, events, or show responses to user actions.
  • Added radio buttons, a new component introduced with LTS 2021.2

November 2022

Roadmap (internal)

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Roadmap (internal)

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